The Six Strongest, Most Durable Can Openers You Can Buy

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Can openers are among the numerous smaller and often taken for granted gadgets at home that we expect to last a long time. We expect it to be durable and to be functional whenever we need it.  It’s not that expensive, and we can always get the best one without burning a hole in our pockets.



# 1

  “EZ-DUZ-IT” Deluxe Can Opener

# 2

  “Swing-A-Way” 407 BK Portable Can Opener

# 3

  “ZYLISS” Lock N’ Lift Can Opener

# 4

  “KitchenAid” Can Opener

# 5

  “OXO” Smooth Edge Can Opener

# 6

  “Swing-A-Way” Easy-Crank Can Opener


The choices here are limited to manually-operated and portable can openers simply because this type is the most practical and easiest one to use. Since the focus is on strength and durability, the top six choices are based on quality, construction, material, and notable features.

Most people would agree that for a simple gadget like a can opener, it is more practical to get one that is both manual and portable.  To operate it would be so straightforward, you could take it with you anywhere if necessary, and it isn’t expensive. 

Using it would be much easier than a bigger, electric version with added features. Being much simpler in construction, it can be more durable, easier to repair, and when it gets broken and becomes completely useless, it can easily be replaced.

On the other hand, with all these plus points, it would be good to see some kind of innovation that would make it even better at what it does. Think about a kind of innovation that would totally revolutionize the way can openers are designed. That would be awesome!

Later on we are also going to take a quick look at the other types of can openers. You would agree that each one of us has different reasons as regards preference to a specific kind. And so knowing about the other types of can openers would help us make the best choice and to get the most appropriate one.

But first, what put these can openers in our list of the six most durable and most reliable so far?  Read on…

# 1 ‘EZ-DUZ-IT’ Deluxe Can Opener

If you go by ‘looks’ alone, the EX-DUZ-IT would probably not make it to most people’s top six manual can openers.  It’s human nature to expect anything on the top list to be extra good-looking. But for something as practical and straightforward as a can opener that is portable and manually operated, we should be looking for power, solid construction, appropriate materials, and quality, to cite just a few, that translate into durability, strength, and longevity.

Actual trials have shown it to have done well in piercing the lids open, with the lid still attached to the can’s edges as it went around the can solidly and smoothly.  It’s a well-conceived can opener down to the rubberized handles, which make handling it much easier and comfortable, preventing the user from experiencing hand fatigue.  It is sleekly and neatly designed that any user won’t find it difficult to use.

What makes it to the top of the heap is also its durability, owing to its full metal construction.  It won’t be surprising to see it still around for many years down the road. 


  # 2  ‘Swing-A-Way’ 407BK Portable Can Opener, Black

When a gadget is designed to be portable, you expect it to be simple yet ergonomically well-designed, easy to use, efficient, effective, and hopefully, affordable. This ‘Swing-A-Way’ can opener is precisely all that.  It must be durable, being made of sturdy steel. The manufacturer of the brand has been around since the 1930s and has continually held on to its commitment to enhancing the efficiency, effectiveness, and the ergonomics of all its products.

The 407BK Portable can opener is made of durable materials with handles that are lined with plastic that not only makes it comfortable to use but also protects your hands from burns.  It’s got a bottle opener, with a metal crank handle that has a suitable width and grip. It is designed for both left-handed and right-handed users. 


# 3  ‘ZYLISS’ Lock N’ Lift Can Opener

With a winning combination of affordability, efficiency, and durability, it’s no surprise it is on the list of anyone looking at replacing their old manual can opener.  With its soft handles that are easy and comfortable to grip, it is recommended for people with arthritic hands.  The stainless-steel locking and cutting mechanisms add to its durability and long service life. One added convenient feature, the ‘lock and lift’ mechanism, obviates the need to remove or pick out the cut top, as the integrated magnet does it automatically.  All you need to do is click on the switch, and this can opener releases it straight to the trash bin.


# 4  ‘KitchenAid’ Can Opener, Black

This sleek, expensive-looking “Kitchenaid’ can opener is undoubtedly the right choice in terms of durability, due to the stainless-steel body that guarantees it will be around for many years.  One noteworthy feature that makes it so convenient to use is its innovative lever that holds the can in place while the cutting is done. Its 9-inch height enables you to use it on all sizes of cans.

On top of that, its blade does not cut the can from the top but on the side, eliminating sharp, jagged edges.  It’s actually the new innovation that’s taking place in the design of can openers, which is really impressive. This model might be more expensive, but most buyers will probably not mind it because of the added convenience brought about by these helpful features.


# 5  ‘OXO’ Smooth Edge Can Opener

The OXO Smooth Edge manual can opener has all the basics as well as a simple operation that make opening a can a cinch. Equipped with a bottle cap opener, this can opener’s cutting blade is made of stainless steel that will open your can in under a minute.

In the ‘looks’ department, it’s got that sleek, cutting-edge, organic appeal, enhanced by its sophisticated black color. It’s not only good to look at but so pleasant to use with its well-designed cushioned handles. It is easier for the hands and fingers to open the cans. One other convenience that should be pointed out is its ‘lid catch’ which ensures quick, correct alignment of the opener to the ‘lip’ of the can,


# 6  ‘Swing-A-Way Easy-Crank Can Opener

Portable manual can openers are small kitchen gadgets that even the more expensive ones could be within most people’s budget  This can opener from one of the trusted brands in this niche, ‘Swing-A-Way,’ is so easy on the pocket that it doesn’t matter to get one even if you already own a can opener. The consensus about it is that it’s so easy to hold and use, and most importantly, it’s so durable.

This respected and reliable brand enjoys a track record of being one of the brands that can really be proud of its longevity. A lot of people attest to having a ‘Swing-A-Way’ can opener that they have used for years.  It’s no wonder they remain loyal to the brand.  This can opener presented here is no different.


Types of Manually-Operated Hand-Held Can Openers


Let’s also get acquainted with the other kinds of can openers we can find in stores today.

Claw-Shaped Opener

One of the earliest types of a can opener, the Claw-Shaped Opener is made with a large curved blade.  It has a guard just below it (in line with the handle) to keep it from cutting into the can. The opposite smaller claw is for opening soft drink bottle caps.

It is a simple device with no gears and guide to run the cutting edge along the can’s rim. Therefore, the sickle-shaped blade should be driven manually into the can to puncture a hole, and then cut it along the circumference until it is fully cut.


Church Key Opener

As the name suggests, it resembles a key and is operated by hand to pry the crown off a glass bottle and to open a beer can by boring a hole into it.  Fashioned out of a piece of metal, one end is sharply pointed to punch a hole in a can and the opposite end has a blunt curve to flip a tin cap off a bottle, like in a beer bottle.


Key Opener

The Key Opener is called such because it clearly resembles a key. It is made of light-weight metal and is used to open thin metal cans.

One end of the side to be opened has an appendage that catches on the key. The key is then rolled towards the other end of the can until the top is completely opened or peeled off. The key opener is usually attached to the can itself.


Bunker Opener

The Bunker Opener is operated with just one hand. It is carried out by gripping the can with the bunker while the other hand cranks the key that rotates the serrated wheel. The plier-type handles, the key, and the serrated wheel make up the entire bunker. This setup makes opening a can easier.

A cut along the circumference of the lid is made by gripping the can with the pliers as the knob of the key is turned.


Butterfly Opener

Based on how the Bunker Opener works, the Butterfly Opener makes a cut along the same principle.  First, a puncture is made on the can with the church-key end. With the pliers holding the can in place, the sharp wheel can then cut through the can by cranking the lever. 


Single Wheel Opener

With a finer grate, the Single Wheel Opener makes a clean cut through the lid of the can.  The opener’s built-in magnets hold the can firmly in position as the cut is made along the rim. 

This is done by putting the opener on top of the can’s lid with the wheel along the rim. Then by cranking the key, the wheel is turned and slices through the lid easily.


Side Can Opener

The Side Can Opener is made with a pair of small gears. One has a serrated edge along its circumference, and the other gear’s circumference is actually a sharp cutting edge.  This can opener is used to slice through a can’s lid, cutting the outside of the can.  With the raised edge of the opener in line and in contact with the can’s raised edge, the cut is made through the top of the can as the knob is turned.


Countertop Opener

A countertop can opener is perfect for someone who prefers to have it stationed on a kitchen counter.  Some models have vacuum base to secure it to the surface. There are many electric can openers as well as manual ones. The are lots of countertop can openers available from different brands that you can choose from.



We just wouldn’t know when the urge, the inspiration, or the necessity to buy another type of can opener will hit us.  So, let this serve as a teaser or, at best, a short description of the different kinds of can openers, just in case it happens to you.  You will be better prepared then, or at least have an idea or enough information to take the plunge.


Best Overall Electric:

Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener

Sometimes, it can be delightful to have another type of home appliance just to complete or make our options wider.  Maybe having a well-appointed kitchen is something you’ve always dreamed of.

If you have kids in the house and you wouldn’t want them accidentally hurting themselves, getting an Electric Can Opener might just be the thing to avoid that from ever happening.  And Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener might be it.  Electric can openers such as this do not leave sharp, uneven jagged edge on the can because it cuts through it from the side. It will also cut through cans with pull-tab lids

Another important advantage is about sanitation.  Since the blade does not come in contact with the contents in the can, it remains clean and cross-contamination is prevented, especially with foods that easily get spoiled.

It is also so simple and easy to operate, like attaching the can to the machine, pressing the lever, and holding the can down, while the device is opening the can, which is so quick.

Lastly, an electric can opener is not that big that it becomes a disadvantage. In fact, it’s small enough to fit under the cabinet, or even to store it inside the kitchen cabinet when not in use.


Best Multi-Purpose:

Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety Master Can Opener

A can opener that does other cool stuff could only be a good thing to have.  The best multi-purpose can opener as of late is the Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety Master Can Opener.  And to think that this one cuts from the side actually makes it worth buying.  You will always get a clean, smooth cut with no sharp and jagged edges that can hurt you or anyone in the household.

To make cutting much more manageable, it locks automatically to the can as the handle is turned. After the lid is totally cut off, it gets attached to the can opener’s lifter jaws, waiting to be disposed. And then, by pushing another button, the lid is easily discarded into the garbage can.

This handy, multi-purpose gadget comes with an integrated screw-top bottle opener, a lever to open ‘pull-top’ cans, and a lift-off bottle opener. Cross-contamination is also not a problem because the cutting edge never touches the food in the can.


Best for Arthritis:

‘Instecho’ Smooth Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener

Created to be used with just one hand, this can opener is recommended for those who suffer from arthritis, have weak muscles, or just don’t like can openers that require both hands to operate. It is also for kids and everyone else.

It works by placing the can opener on top of the can. Then, pressing the ‘start’ button, it will cut the sides of the lid, leaving a smooth edge.  Then it automatically stops when done.


Best Under Cabinet:

 BLACK+DECKER Spacemaker Multi-Purpose Can Opener

It is understandable that this Black+Decker can opener is quite bigger than most other can openers. That’s fine because it is ‘multi-purpose’ and lives up nicely to that description. Despite its dimensions, it does not take up much counter space because it is mounted on the underside of the top cabinet.

You can say it ‘hangs’ from the top cabinet as the space below it, the multi-purpose can opener, has to accommodate the cans to be cut open.  There has to be enough space or height between the surface of the base/bottom cabinet and the underside of the can opener for the cans.

With its onboard cord storage, only the required length of the electrical cord could be exposed to connect to the electrical outlet. The effect is less visual clutter. 

Being multi-purpose, it also opens bags, bottles, and sharpens knives. These are hidden behind swing doors that remain closed when not in use.

Despite all those features, it is surprisingly easy to use.  And the procedure is simple and easy to follow. Just press the lever to start it, and then it shuts off by itself when the can is completely open. Everything around it remains neat and clean because the lid gets attached to the magnet. The top lid can then be disposed of safely.


Best for Left-Handed:

 Kuhn Rikon Ratchet Safety Lid Lifter

For left-handed people, this is the ideal can opener for them since it is designed to be used conveniently by both left-handed and right-handed individuals. Operating it is simple. You just push the ratchet without having to hold on to it, making it an ideal can opener for those who also have trouble with their hand grip.

For pull-tab lids, which may sometimes be difficult to remove, you can use the “beak” to pull it off. This gadget is designed to cut from the side of the can, so it opens both regular cans and pull-top cans (in case the pull-top itself is gone or doesn’t work).

As with newer can openers, cross-contamination is not going to be an issue.


Best Wall-Mounted:

Swing-A-Way Magnetic Wall Can Opener

The advantage of a wall-mounted can opener is that you don’t have to take it out of the kitchen cabinet or drawer when you need it. It’s right on the wall where you won’t miss it.  The size of the crank handle is big enough that using this can opener is just so convenient.  It has a built-in bottle opener and a magnet to which a cut lid attaches to.


Best Compact Can Opener:

Japanese Can Opener

This compact can opener is an essential gadget for people who spend a lot of time outdoors. You can put it your pocket, in a small bag, a purse, or a small, plastic container or organizer. It opens cans and bottles.


A Final Thought…

Sometimes, it can be confusing and wearisome to have to decide exactly what you want or have to do. It’s not just for a can opener. It could be anything important to you.

First of all, making up your mind about something important has to be a pleasant experience.  You have to make sure you are in a super good mood and in a positive state of mind, basking in good vibes.  Being in that place, you have all you need to think the choice through intelligently and decisively.

Most of all, it does not have to be the best, or the most expensive, the best looking or whatnot.  It has to be a good fit for what you really need. What is the point in getting a product that has all the bells and whistles when those things may not be what you really need. On the other hand, a durable can opener, or any product for that matter, that stays with you for many years is always a good thing to have.


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